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PubTime:   2011-10-17 11:34:33   

Main sponsors: Hitech (Beijing) technology Co., LTD

Investors: Hitech (Beijing) technology Co., LTD,Beijing Huajian Co-champion Co., LTD and natural capital contribution

Project goal:Total investment of RMB 1.6 billion yuan, form the wind power gearbox 2000 sets of production capacity, become the domestic first-class international well-known of high precision and heavy load planetary transmission professional company.

Sales goals:2 MW and above the high quality, the high reliability of the high power wind power gearbox, become with the international advanced level, substitution import market first-class brand, and become a high speed railway, war industry and more than 1000 KW sewage treatment, and other gear box application field of independent innovation market leader.

Industry cluster effect: when the project 2000 sets will built in 2017, can realize the scale of production and sales of nearly 4 billion, local industries production scale to nearly 1 billion, industrial cluster scale up to nearly 5 billion, tax above 200 million, which can solve the employment more than 2000, To become a good public listed company, create new energy for the investment and financing, advanced manufacturing industry platform.

Building: the project to build with construction land of 500 mu.

Address: Tianjin Baodi Economic Development Area