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The company convenes 2016 work summary and advanced recognition conference

Pub Time   2017-01-23   

    On January 21, 2017, the company held a 2016 work summary and advanced recognition conference. The meeting was chaired by the Director Zheng Longfeng. Xia Juhua's deputy general manager reviewed the top ten events of the company in 2016. The deputy general manager of Liao Mingjian read out the 2016 annual recognition of the advanced decision. At the meeting, a team of advanced collectives and celebrities was commended in 2016, and 20,000 yuan was awarded to employees who won the Innovative Star Award; 40,000 yuan was rewarded to employees who won the third prize of the Lean Star; and the winner of the lean star award was awarded. The employee rewarded 15,000 yuan; the employee who won the third prize of the Bole star was awarded 30,000 yuan; and the employees who received the bonus star award, the Bole star winning prize, and the star third prize were each rewarded 10,000 yuan. At the meeting, we also rewarded the 2016 .
    In the end, Li Jianhua, general manager of the company, made a work report on “Practicing Lean Service Management, Strengthening the Foundation of Lean Manufacturing, Enhancing Risk Competitiveness, and Improving Customer Perceived Value” and encouraged all employees to “learn the spirit of the stars and set a benchmark for stars”. In the year, we have been working hard to achieve new heights.