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Ocean-going special ships equipped with Huajian Tianheng’s main gearboxes have undergone a trial of

Pub Time   2017-03-01   

     On March 1, 2017, in the East China Sea and winds, a 130-meter ocean-going special large-sized transport ship passed the test, and after 7 days and 6 nights of trial flights in the East China Sea, the ship smoothly returned to Jiangsu Yangtze River on March 5. Shipyard dock. This marked the success of the first trial of the 130 ocean-going special large-scale transport vessel equipped with Huajian Tianheng’s main gearbox and electric propulsion frequency conversion drive system.
     The ship's propulsion system adopts a new type of structural design, saving more than 15% energy consumption compared to conventional power, and the ship's mobility and operability are greatly improved. On the second day of the sea trial, the sea area of the trial navigation area was gushing at level 8 winds. Under such extremely harsh conditions, Huajian Tianheng Gearbox obtained the shipowner with its superior performance, reliable quality, and excellent service. All the shipyard staff unanimously praised.