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Huajian Tianheng independently researches and develops wind power speed increase box to pass HALT te

Pub Time   2017-06-02   
     On May 26th, the company successfully completed a 2.5 MW Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) test, which means that the 20-year equivalent accelerated fatigue test of the wind speed increaser has become the first domestic gear to pass the test once. Box manufacturers. The successful completion of the test verified the high efficiency and high reliability of our advanced gearboxes for aerogear technology, and at the same time marked our company's leading position in the design and manufacturing capabilities of wind speed gearboxes.
     In this test, on the 6.8MW flexible combination test bench, the 20-year equivalent accelerated fatigue test of the product was successful after the wind power gearbox was continuously operated for more than 30 days under high load conditions of 1.35, 1.5, 1.75, and 2 times. The end of the report indicates that the 20-year design life of Huajian Tianheng’s self-developed gearbox has been reliably supported by test data. During the 20-year equivalent accelerated fatigue life test, the relevant design of the parts of the gearbox was verified. At the same time, the distribution law of the stress along the tooth width direction at various stages of gear meshing was measured and compared with the design calculation. The verification provided reliable theoretical and experimental data support for our product design.