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The company holds a lean production summary and excellent proposal release meeting for July-August

Pub Time   2017-08-25   

     On September 25, 2017, the company held a lean production summary and an excellent proposal release meeting for July-August 2017. The meeting summarized the development of the company's 5S and improvement proposals in July and August. Five employees including Wang Jing, Liu Haishan, Wang Pei, Wang Song, and Han Hao won the company-level outstanding proposal award and conducted case studies. share it. The company’s leadership commended and awarded the above-mentioned award-winning employees. At the same time, Wang Honglin and Bai Jianhong were commended for assembly and cleaning workers.
     The general manager of the company, Li Jianhua, affirmed the results obtained during the lean advancement work from July to August, and put forward requirements for the lean production work in the fourth quarter. The leaders of various departments were required to be responsible and responsible, strictly improve the evaluation and improve the quality of improvement. Ensure 10 outstanding improvement proposals per month. At the same time, the lean management work must be visualized and the assembly line must fully establish standard operations in the fourth quarter.