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2017 Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition “Ask the wind turbine gear box from China to China

Pub Time   2017-10-18   

     On October 17th, at the scene of the enthusiastic and passionate wind energy exhibition, the central 7 "China Brands" column group interviewed Mr. Li Jianhua, Chairman of Hua Jian Tian Heng, and asked how Hua Jian Tian Heng came from behind to become an industry leader. "Black horse"? How to realize the dream of becoming an international brand of high-precision heavy-duty gearboxes that combines the advantages of German technology, lean management and Chinese manufacturing?
     Li Jianhua, Chairman of the Board, said: Ten years ago, China’s wind power was built from scratch. The lack of advanced technologies and lack of brand in core wind power gearboxes was a pain in the industry. In 2009, Huajian Tianheng seized the opportunity to exclusively transfer the international leading technologies of the German RENK company. In the past decade, we have gone through digestion and absorption to the road of independent innovation. Although the customer and the industry have started to cast doubt on their opinions, Huajian Tianheng has become the leading unit in the formulation of the national standards for planetary gear transmission design methods, contributing to the industry and creating import substitution for leading customers such as Vision Energy. value. Chairman Li Jianhua specifically pointed to the 3.XMW high-torque (3100KNm) and high-speed (156-speed ratio) gearboxes that he exhibited at this time. He said that this kind of product does not leak or permeate oil when used in a manner similar to Germany's perception. , It is superior to international famous brands in reliability index, and there are significant advantages in manufacturing cost.
     China Wind Power has become the world's largest market. China's wind turbine manufacturing has become a major industry with international competitiveness. It is firmly believed that in the wave of China's wind power from big to strong, Hua Jian Tian Heng will be better tomorrow, and will surely pass through. Made in China to China to create a leap from a Chinese-made brand to an international brand.