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The company's development history in 2017

Pub Time   2018-01-10   

    Important event one:On January 25, 2017, our company won the “Best Collaboration Award” in the “Win-Win, Create a Stable and Reliable Supply Chain” commendation ceremony organized by Zhuzhou Zhuzhou Wind Power.
    After five years of cooperation with CRRC Zhuzhou Institute of Wind Power, the company has participated in the construction of a number of projects in the ultra-low wind speed regions such as Huadian Wuzhou Taipingli, China Power Construction Zijinshan, and Taohuashan, which have won the good performance of the market and won praises from customers.

    Important event two:On February 22, 2017, Wei Xianfeng, General Manager of Jiuding’s Kyushu Securities, led a delegation to the company for research and conducted plans for the future development of the company. Wei always stated that Jiuding Investment will boost the company's continuous development.
    In June 2017, the company achieved equity financing of RMB 60 million. At the same time, Jiuding Investment promised to issue 50 million yuan of credit for the company to ensure the company’s operating capital requirements.
    Important event three:On March 1, 2017, the ocean-going special-vessel of the equipment company's main gearbox was tested in the East China Sea with an 8-level gale. After 7 days and 6 nights, the trial flight in the East China Sea successfully returned to the Yangzijiang Shipyard Terminal. This marked the success of the first trial of the 130 ocean-going special large-scale transport vessel equipped with Huajian Tianheng’s main gearbox and electric propulsion frequency conversion drive system.

    Important event four:The company organizes 21 star employees from 2014 to 2016 to Qingdao-Lushan-Gaomi Tourism. As of now, all project awards and celebrity employee incentives have achieved share conversion.  
    Important event five:In May 2017, the company's 2.5MW gearbox passed the accelerated fatigue test at one time, and its product performance was better than similar internationally renowned manufacturers. It indicates that the 20-year design life of the company's self-developed gearbox has been reliably supported by test data.
     Important event six:In June 2017, the company passed the national second-level confidentiality certification. It will lay a solid foundation for the company to enter the military-military integration market and realize the moderate integration of high-end technology and military products. 

     Important event seven:In July 2017, the "High-reliability and High-efficiency Gearbox Boosting and Reducing Electricity Cost Summit Forum" was held in Tianjin Baodi. As a “dark horse” in the wind power gearbox industry, the company has received unanimous approval from the owners, complete machine manufacturers, gearbox manufacturers, and industry associations.
     Important event eight:In October 2017, CCTV's "Chinese Brand" column featured interviews and reported on "inquiry about wind power gearbox manufacturing from China to China." The company's adherence to lean innovation and technology leadership will surely achieve a leap from a Chinese manufacturing brand to an international brand. 

    Important event nine:In November 2017, the company obtained military orders.     
    Important event ten:In 2017, the remanufacturing of the company's O&M gearbox achieved full coverage of domestic and foreign aircraft models, and was favored by the “five major four small” local wind power owners.

    In December 2017, the company bid for the major customer's gear box maintenance framework project and won the bid with the lowest bid at the lowest price.