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The company held the 2018 Innovation Conference “to learn benchmarks and benchmarks, and to innovate

Pub Time   2018-02-10   

    On February 10, 2018, the company held an annual innovation conference with the theme of “Learn benchmarks, meet benchmarks, and want innovation and innovation”. Director Shu Xiaochun presided over the meeting and Lean Production Expert Yang Kai attended the meeting.
    The meeting began with Xia Juhua's deputy general manager reviewing the company’s top ten events in 2017. Deputy Executive Liao Mingjian deputy general manager read out the 2017 annual recognition of the advanced decision, and conducted the 2017 advanced collective, team, advanced collectives and celebrity employees, advanced individuals. Commendation. Reward 60,000 yuan for employees who won the third prize for innovation stars, 40,000 yuan for employees who won the third prize for lean stars, and won third prize for shoulder star, third prize for Bole star, and first prize for star improvement Employees are rewarded with 30,000 yuan; 10,000 yuan is awarded to employees who have won ironically shoulder star awards and improve the star third prize. At the same time, the conference rewarded the outstanding projects for 2017, and the accumulated awards amounted to RMB 505,500.
    In the end, Li Jianhua, general manager of the company, gave a working report on “Guiding Confidence, Concentrating on Unity, Significant Change in Teamwork, Customer Pulling, Problem-Oriented, Significant Improvement in Target Performance, Lean Innovation, Leading Technology, and Significant Improvement in Customer Occupancy”. , and encourage all employees to learn from the standard, be bold in innovation, and work hard in the new year to achieve new heights.